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Act 2
Scene 2

“Black Car”



When:    Flashback to Thanksgiving Eve, 2016
Where:   Springfield Hospital Center (SETT Unit)
         Sykesville, MD
Who:     Weez


         SAC Martinez

         Hospital Staff


Almost 60 days into his stay at Springfield Hospital,
Kidd volunteers, as part of his therapy, to assist in
cleaning the SETT Unit common areas, in prep for the annual
Thanksgiving/family visit celebration.


WEEZ: (handing the mop handle sticking out of the rolling
yellow bucket to Kidd)
If you would, just mop this corridor,
past the rec room, and down to the nurse’s station. The
patients in this unit have all been moved into the rec room
while the cleaning is going down. So, be sure to put the
“wet floor” sign out before you start. (Kidd nods) Cool.  
Page me on a white phone when you’re done. (smiles and
turns, walking toward the South Tower.)


Kidd, rolling the bucket down the hallway by the mop handle,
stops at the open door of the rec room. As he goes to place
the “wet floor” sign down, he hears a familiar voice coming
from inside the room. Kidd enters the room and moves toward
the tv mounted to the wall. On the screen, is a Baltimore
news broadcast in which the reporter is interviewing newly
appointed (and former Detective with Detroit Sheriff’s Department)
SAC Martinez (FBI) about the recent sightings of serial killer
Karin Comes Killing in the Baltimore area.


SAC MARTINEZ: (responding to interviewer) Yes. Absolutely. We are taking every tip very seriously. This is, and has been, an ongoing investigation. And it will continue until we have her either in custody or, frankly, in a bag. We are getting closer every day. (pauses – turns toward camera) If you have any further information, please call…


Triggered by the report, Kidd begins to visibly shake as he randomly asks the other patients in the room, who had been watching the report, what had been said in detail.


KIDD: What did they say? (pauses) Is she here? (starts pacing frantically in front of the hanging tv) What did Martinez mean “they are close”? Why won’t they stop?  WHY! 

Kidd violently rips the tv off the wall mount and throws it to the floor. His feet stomp and destroy the tv screen and plastic casing. Kidd then picks up a nearby folding chair and smashes the window next to door at the entrance of the room.

KIDD: (screaming in a rage) Liars! Liars! You can’t take her!

The other patients have now joined in on the destruction due to their own grievances and/or the excitement of it all. Once the fire had started in the room, the riot moved down the hall. With the patients chanting, “KCK!” as they storm toward the nurse’s station. Kidd now finds himself standing alone in the middle of the smoky rec room.  

KIDD: (speaking aloud to Karin as if she were there with him) Go! Run! Don’t let them win!


Kidd turns and runs out of the room toward the ongoing melee.


There was a time
When "the incident" reigned 
Broadcasts and billboards 
No one turned away
Thought I was blameless
Paid the debt I was owed
But now I can see
It's all wire and code



They hide in the traffic
Crawling out of a van
Recording new memories
Spoken into the wind
They're fighting dirty
With shady new hacks
Keeping a record, man!
They got all them tracks



And you better stay - 
They're on the way - 
Mind all the gaps
Cause I can't stand to let them win



There was a time 
Away from the rest
4 walls, a table, 
And a key on my chest
No point in running
No way to escape
Phone calls from
473 - Thirty-Nine - Sixty-Eight



They think they're closer
Then they've ever been
Mimes on a mission
In big circus tents
Filming their movies
Feigning their lines
The Director is real, man!
Now, open your eyes!



And you better stay - 
They're on the way - 
Mind all the gaps
Cause I can't stand to let them win


Here they come now



After several hours, SWAT breaches the SETT Unit. Kidd attempts to flee in the opposite direction. He is immediately met by hospital security and tackled to the floor. Kidd, in an extreme manic state, tries to fight his way from their grasp. Suddenly, he feels the sting of a needle into his neck. As the sedative takes hold over his body, he pleads to the administering nurse in a daze and a whisper.

KIDD: Tell them to leave her alone... She is the only one in this world who loves me.

Kidd gently slips into the realms of reverie of what could have been on January 27, 1976...



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