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I’m luck’s last match struck

In the pouring down wind…

               “Mind Riot” - Chris Cornell


Act 1
Scene 1
“Based on a True Story”

When:    June 2008
Where:   Wayne County Sheriff Department, Detroit, MI - Holding Room 3
Who:     Sgt. Edwards
         Det. Martinez
         Dr. Fink

Sgt. Edwards appears, standing in the hallway that leads to holding room 3.  She intently stares down at a thick open file folder in her hands.  A (heavy) door opens, an intense commotion (a cacophony of talking, yelling, press inquiries, phones ringing, etc.) comes from the main floor and enters the hallway.  The door closes shut. (commotion is silenced) Fast-moving footsteps on the concrete floor echo down the hallway behind her.  Det. Martinez approaches with a slight jog. 

DET. MARTINEZ: Hey, do we have confirmation?  This is crazy!

SGT. EDWARDS: No.  I haven’t been in to speak with Kidd yet.  I’ve been waiting... 

(looks up at Martinez  with a smirk then back at folder)

He is in 3 with Fink.

DET. MARTINEZ: Yeah, sorry.


Fink the shrink?

SGT. EDWARDS: (confirms) Fink the shrink.   


DET. MARTINEZ: Does he know about the-

SGT. EDWARDS: The shirt?  He does not.

(hands open file to the detective)

You should read this before we go in.

The file contains a detailed report from DMC (Detroit Medical Center), including a medical evaluation completed of Kidd’s person from the night of the murders.  The evaluation, issued two days prior, states Kidd has been the victim of ongoing long-term physical and sexual abuse.  The Sergeant and Martinez (now reading the report) begin to walk down the hallway toward holding room 3.

Behind the closed door of the room, Dr. Fink and Kidd are sitting across from each other in uncomfortable chairs at a metal table, which has been bolted to the floor.  There is a two-way mirror on the wall behind Fink.  Edwards and Martinez approach the two-way mirror from the hallway. 


Kidd, 14 years of age, is noticeably battered and thin.  He is wearing mismatched hospital scrubs with both hands securely cuffed to a metal bar affixed to the tabletop (policy, due to violent nature of crimes).

After some observation, Sgt. Edwards opens the door and enters the room.  Followed by the detective, who gently closes the door behind them.  Fink smiles and acknowledges them both with eyes only.  Kidd, with head down, stares at the tabletop.  

DR. FINK: Alright buddy, they are going to speak with you now.

(stands up)

But I will be right over here.

(moves toward corner of room by the door - Kidd does not respond or appear concerned)

Sgt. Edwards sits down in the same chair which the doctor had been sitting.  Det. Martinez remains standing.

SGT. EDWARDS: Hi, my name is Sergeant Edwards, and this is Detective Martinez.  Hungry? Should we get some lunch in here? Gonella’s maybe?

(long silence)

It’s alright, maybe later.  For now, let’s just talk, huh?


Ok... Well, I, we, need to ask you some questions about what happened to your family.

KIDD: (simply) They are not my family.

SGT. EDWARDS: I understand you were adopted by them when you were a newborn, yes?

KIDD: They say they bought me.  That they own me.  They say this and then they laugh.  They always laugh…  Even when it hurts.  Especially him.

DET. MARTINEZ: Who?  Who is he?

SGT. EDWARDS:  Your Dad?

KIDD: (thru gritting teeth) He is not my Dad.

SGT. EDWARDS: Fair enough.


We know… that you have been hurt.  We know that you have been stuck in an impossible situation.  Horrible.  No one should suffer what you have.  No one.

KIDD: (sarcastically - under breath) “you know...”

SGT. EDWARDS: I am sorry Kidd-

KIDD: (looking darkly at Sgt. Edwards) Liar. 

SGT. EDWARDS: (pauses) Is that why he was killed?  And the others?  Because they hurt you?

(silence – a moment passes)

Again, we are so very sorr-

KIDD: (barking violently) LIAR!

DET. MARTINEZ: (interjects impatiently) What about your shirt? 

KIDD: (angry and puzzled) My shirt?

SGT. EDWARDS: (gives Martinez a stern look – he backs away from the table - she then looks at a photo in the file folder) 

The shirt you were wearing that night, specifically the front of your shirt, is covered in blood, which makes sense given he was kneeling in front of you when he was struck, multiple times, with a hammer.

(pulls out photo of the bloodied hammer - places the photo face up at center of table. Kidd has no visible reaction, looks back at the tabletop)

What does not make sense is the back of your shirt.

(pulls out a separate photo, showing the back of the shirt, in which three capital letters have been fingerpainted with blood - places photo on top of the bloody hammer at the center of table - Kidd looks directly at the painted letters) 

The problem is, the DNA report from Detroit Med says the blood used to draw these letters, KCK, is not yours... or his...

(pulls another two photos from file folder – slides first photo of bludgeoned “Dad” across the table into Kidd’s eyeline) 

or theirs...

(slides second photo of the 3 other murdered “family” members across the table also into Kidd’s eyeline) 



The DNA found on the back of your shirt (raising voice) is from a VERY...


The DNA is from a person, that a lot of people (touches own chest) have been looking for, for a very long time.

(long pause while maintaining eye contact with Kidd) 

Was someone else with you in the house that night?

Kidd does not answer the question. Then with just enough chain to maneuver his hands, Kidd reaches the photos of the slain bodies and sends them off the table to the floor.  Immediately, he looks back to the bloody letters.

SGT. EDWARDS: (pulls out a photo array of 6 different persons from the back of the file folder and places it on top of the bloody letters)

Again, I am asking you, was there someone else in the house with you that night?  


And if so, do you see that person here? 

KIDD: (looking at the photo array – a weak grin appears on his face as tears form in the corners of his eyes. After a moment, he points to a single photo within the array.) 

Her.  It was her.

(positively identifies wanted criminal/serial murderer, Karin Comes Killing)

She was there for hours.

(looking up at Sgt. Edwards) 

She knew everything too!  She made me do it...  She stroked my back while I did it!

(Karin, standing close behind the boy as he murdered the man, cut her own finger with a blade, and began painting the letters on the back of his shirt.) 

Then she left.  She just left…(longingly)

DET. MARTINEZ: (impulsively) I knew it!

(moving toward the table)

K-C-K! Unbelievable!


Wait, “for hours”? Did she speak with you?

SGT. EDWARDS: (giving Martinez the eye again – the detective apologizes with a look and walks over to Fink to confer – she looks back to Kidd with urgency) 

Kidd, listen.  This is very important.  You need to tell us what she said that night.  Do you understand?  You need to tell us everything.

KIDD: (slowly turns looking directly at audience) 



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